At Least it was a Fun Trip


Just came back from a Christmas party in Sofia. Unfortunately we forgot the camera and did not take any pictures. Which pretty much sucked, because there were so many beautiful things to shoot like the view from the club, a really old car on display in the loby of the hotel and my outfit for the night. Alas they will never be seen. But I can show you my new babies, that my sweetheart bought me for the party (my early Christmas gift) and the really cool pine tea my “sister” drank at our favorite cafe.

My Take on the 1920’s Flapper Look

 For Halloween this year I decided to be a “flapper”. My costume was not that historically correct, but was more of a modern take of the whole era. It was an easy costume and I ended up wearing it for three nights in a row. Since Halloween was on Monday we started partying from Sunday. And what an epic weekend it was, with martinis, a ton of make up,  a lot of good friends and a pearl necklace that broke on the dance-floor. Sweetheart you shall be missed.
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