I Think I Have a Bit of a Problem….





Yup… I’m a shopaholic… I’ve been trying to organize my accessories and realized I’ve gone a little overboard with my love for glasses. Aviator sunglasses seem to be the main import in my closet, but who doesn’t love the classics… I mean, 37 pairs is not that much, right? Yeah…. just keep telling yourself that…

Ммм да… аз съм шопахолик… Докато се опитвах да преорганизирам аксесоарите си осъзнах че малко съм попрекалила с любовта си към очила. Тип авиаторски изглежда са главният продуктов внос в гардероба ми, но нали са класика… Пък и 37 чифта не са чак толкова много, нали? Ммм… дааа… продължавай да се самоубеждаваш, направо ще вземеш да си повярваш. 😀

My Take on the 1920’s Flapper Look

 For Halloween this year I decided to be a “flapper”. My costume was not that historically correct, but was more of a modern take of the whole era. It was an easy costume and I ended up wearing it for three nights in a row. Since Halloween was on Monday we started partying from Sunday. And what an epic weekend it was, with martinis, a ton of make up,  a lot of good friends and a pearl necklace that broke on the dance-floor. Sweetheart you shall be missed.
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