Fall is coming – better get ready

Since fall is almost here I’ve started looking for some pieces to complete my wardrobe for the season. I’ve been looking for black leather, shere earth-toned blouses and big vintage looking coats. Oh, and recently I rediscovered the color fuchsia.

I fell in love with pink suede booties and must have a pair no matter what.

Of course, I need a nice scarf to pair them with, or maybe a satchel.

Also I must, must, must have these shoes I found at www.obuvki-bg.com not too sure which color should I get thou, but am slowly leaning towards the black ones.

And well there are also some necessities like a new lether jacket some type of cowboy boots and loads of accessories…


P.S.  Today I saw a lovely pair of ballet flats and am thinking of giving them a second look tomorrow and we will see how that goes.


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